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Good morning! [Feb. 19th, 2011|11:46 am]
It's blue sky and sunny outside. The snow is glittering and the trees have snow on them.
Very beautiful, but also very cold.
I can't really enjoy the beauty in it, because the winter have been long now
and I want spring to come.
I love spring.
To see all flowers growing up and starting to blom.
The frist grass and buds on trees and bushes.
Feeling the sun warming my cheek.
At least I know it's on it's way.
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Swine flue shot! [Dec. 19th, 2009|05:45 pm]
I took the swine flue shot 9 days ago.
SInce I have asthma it was important I took it.
I got sick like having the flue after it.
Been like that for a week now.
If I got the real flue,
I would probably be crazy sick,
since I reacted this way on the shot.
The kids got the shot too
and they had some miner reactions.
They are both doing fine.
Looking forward to Christmas.
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Alexander fyller 6 år idag! [Sep. 5th, 2009|11:29 am]
Today my first born son Alexander is 6 years old.
Time really flies.
LEGO is the number one thing for him.
We gave him a package to build and then he got one from my parents.
He also got a new bike from my parents.
A book, a PC game and some money he also got from us.
They are putting the bike together now while I type this.
Soon he's going to try to bike for the first time without supporting wheels too.
He haven't wanted to do that before,
when I get 6 years old, is what he has said,
and now he is.
My wonderful, charming, kind, smart, thoughtful and playful son.
I love you so much.
Life is everything with you in it (and Emil too of course).
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Smultron och lobelia! [Jul. 29th, 2009|01:23 am]
Wild strawberries and lobelia on our balcony.

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Twitter, Facebook, Dreamwidth and whatever more... [May. 17th, 2009|12:26 pm]
I think it's sad when people leave LJ and start to write at new places.
I just lose contact with them.
I can't keep up with all now.
I have Facebook, but write nearly ever there.
Twitter...jeez I just say to that.
Small nonsense talk is what it is to me.
You know like,
"Finally weekend".
"Time for lunch. Pizza!"
"I bought new boots today, they are awesome."
"Crazy day at work/school."
It is sooooo boring.
I prefer some more contest to read instead of all that small talk.
That is so much more interesting.
It's like people don't have friends in real life, or what?
And therefore use Twitter to small talk with others.
Or maybe I'm wrong?
What do you all say about LJ is getting slower and people is going to other places?
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A star is born! [Apr. 12th, 2009|06:31 pm]
Listen to the voice of this woman that took part in "Britains Got Talent 2009"!

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A photo a day. Day 55. [Feb. 24th, 2009|11:33 pm]
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A photo a day. Day 54. [Feb. 24th, 2009|12:00 am]

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A photo a day. Day 53. [Feb. 22nd, 2009|11:33 pm]
It's been snowing all day today.
So I couldn't resist to take some more snow pictures.
Before you ask, yes I love macro pictures. :)
I think they turned out a bit to blue some of them.
Do you think I should take a bit of the blue tone in them?
What picture is your favourite of these?

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A photo a day. Day 52. [Feb. 22nd, 2009|03:20 pm]
Yesterday was a beautiful day.
The sun was shining and the snow on the ground that just had fallen was all glittery.

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A photo a day. Day 26. [Jan. 27th, 2009|12:09 am]
This painting I made many years ago.
I like it a lot.
It's hanging in the living room.
I should start to paint again.

Click for a close-up.Collapse )
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Downloading LJ. [Jan. 6th, 2009|05:58 pm]
Here I found a place that works to download your LJ.
Hope it works, it did for me.
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A photo a day. Day 4. [Jan. 5th, 2009|12:09 am]
This Amaryllis started to blom today.

Today you get a bonus of 2 more pictures, because I think they turned out very nice, click.Collapse )
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Alex as Thoms The Train and Emil. [Nov. 30th, 2008|08:44 am]
This is how Alex was dressed at daycares Halloween party last month.
Emil was sick so he couldn't go.

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Snö! [Nov. 3rd, 2007|07:36 am]
The first snow is here.
It was the first thing I saw looking out the window this morning.
I told Alex to come looking, he said, "snö" and smiled.
It's melting away though.
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Manamana! [Sep. 16th, 2007|10:46 pm]
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Stand by me! [Sep. 16th, 2007|10:38 pm]
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Hypo! [Sep. 16th, 2007|10:37 pm]
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Farting! [Sep. 16th, 2007|10:34 pm]
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Career meme! [Sep. 14th, 2007|11:53 pm]
1. Licensed Practical Nurse
2. Nanny
3. Adoption Counselor
4. Director of Photography
5. Art Director
6. Zookeeper
7. Animal Caretaker
8. Nurse
9. Special Effects Technician
10. Stylist

Some others that was on the list,
Animator, Midwife, Model, Massage Therapist, Magician, Painter, Stuntperson and Dancer.

Want to give it a try?

1. Go to careercruising.com
2. Put in Username: nycareers, Password: landmark.
3. Take their "Career Matchmaker" questions.
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Jag och Alex! [Sep. 4th, 2007|11:45 pm]
Alex asked Michael to take a picture of him and me,
and this is what it got to be.
What picture is best?
I'm going to frame one of these.
I don't know if the first one maybe is to bright, if I should change that?
Or if the second one isn't bright enough?

One more, click.Collapse )
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Hår! [Aug. 25th, 2007|03:00 pm]

One more, click.Collapse )
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Nya hårfärgen! [Aug. 25th, 2007|01:59 am]
I'm happy with how the new hair colour looks on me.
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Hår! [Aug. 25th, 2007|12:11 am]
My hair is 72 cm long.
That is a bit more than 2 feet.
Close to 2,5 feet.
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Hårfärg! [Aug. 24th, 2007|09:09 pm]
My head is itching...
I have hair colour in my hair right now, yay.
I hope it will look dark red and pretty.
Can't wait to rinse it out and see how it looks.
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Jag älskar livet! [Jul. 30th, 2007|10:32 pm]
I love life!
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Min fot! [Jul. 28th, 2007|10:32 pm]
My foot feels a bit better today.
The bruises and the pain is less.
maybe I can take little walk on it outside tomorrow.
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Alex! [Jul. 25th, 2007|06:49 pm]
Last night when Alex was going to sleep he kept poking my face with his finger
and I told him to stop do so, that it did hurt.
He then told me he has seen monkeys do so.
I told him, I'm not a monkey, I'm a "människa" (human being)
and he is too.
No, he said, he wasn't a "människa".
Yes, I said again.
No, he said, and his lips started to shiver.
Yes, I said, you're a human and dogs are dogs.
I don't want to be a "människa", he said.
Why not? I asked.
I want to be a "barn" (kid).
I had hard to not laugh here, because he was so sad and serious about this.
I then told him, he is still a kid even if he is a human, and I'm a human
and Emil is a human too even if he's a baby.
I think he accepted it after that.
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Kort, ranka. [Jul. 25th, 2007|05:24 pm]

This is my second card I made and I send it to my friend, Maria.
She just told me she got so happy for it.
I got the rubber stamp from a friend the same day and just had to try it.
I was going to make a card yesterday evening to after my kids was a sleep,
but was to tired.
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Emil rullar in sig i filt! [Jul. 20th, 2007|10:01 am]
Emil is rolling in himself in this quilt.
Isn't this the cutest?

Click for more pictures.Collapse )
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Alex climbing and Emil in the swing! [Jul. 20th, 2007|09:39 am]

One more, click.Collapse )
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Spinal Tap! [Jul. 1st, 2007|03:11 pm]
Read under Wembley Stadium, London, click.
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New hobby! [Jun. 16th, 2007|11:17 pm]
I just started on my new hobby tonight.
So far, I like it.
I've started to make cards.
It's been a lot to buy
and I'm still missing some stuff.
Here's what I did tonight.
Let me know what you think
and if you have any suggestions to make it better.
The small dots you see on the card is glitter.
It was fun to do this.

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44 [Jun. 11th, 2007|08:16 am]
That's me today.
44 years old.
I do not feel old, but I am.
But I guess it's all about how you feel inside.
I do feel wiser.
That's one of the important things in life,
to continue learning things, not to stop on one spot.
Also to keep the kid in you alive.
Last, but not least, never give up.
I have two wonderful sons,
that's one thing I never thought I would experience in life,
to be a mother.
The best thing ever.
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The beginning of a beautiful relationship. [May. 11th, 2007|02:44 pm]
check out this cute article.

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Tricks of the Trade [May. 6th, 2007|10:51 am]
An example;

Patients will occasionally pretend to be unconscious. A surefire way to
find them out is to pick up their hand, hold it above their face, and
let go. If they smack themselves, they are most likely unconscious; if
not, they are faking.

Click for more!
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For you who loves dogs! [Apr. 28th, 2007|09:43 pm]
Check out this dog store,
My favorite of the items is the welcome sign
and the water globe
and it should be a black Poodle on it. :)
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You got to watch this! [Apr. 26th, 2007|10:39 pm]
Believe me, it's worth it.
I think you'll get stunned like I did.
Do leave a comment to this post and tell me what you think.
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Look how scared the little cat looks like. [Mar. 22nd, 2007|09:45 pm]
He/she is probably thinking,
am I next?

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Are you a genius? [Mar. 18th, 2007|09:31 am]
Try this and see.
It only takes five seconds to know.
You should count how many F there is in the text
and the text is in English.
Just press on Start.
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