Good morning!

It's blue sky and sunny outside. The snow is glittering and the trees have snow on them.
Very beautiful, but also very cold.
I can't really enjoy the beauty in it, because the winter have been long now
and I want spring to come.
I love spring.
To see all flowers growing up and starting to blom.
The frist grass and buds on trees and bushes.
Feeling the sun warming my cheek.
At least I know it's on it's way.

Swine flue shot!

I took the swine flue shot 9 days ago.
SInce I have asthma it was important I took it.
I got sick like having the flue after it.
Been like that for a week now.
If I got the real flue,
I would probably be crazy sick,
since I reacted this way on the shot.
The kids got the shot too
and they had some miner reactions.
They are both doing fine.
Looking forward to Christmas.
Alex and me

Alexander fyller 6 år idag!

Today my first born son Alexander is 6 years old.
Time really flies.
LEGO is the number one thing for him.
We gave him a package to build and then he got one from my parents.
He also got a new bike from my parents.
A book, a PC game and some money he also got from us.
They are putting the bike together now while I type this.
Soon he's going to try to bike for the first time without supporting wheels too.
He haven't wanted to do that before,
when I get 6 years old, is what he has said,
and now he is.
My wonderful, charming, kind, smart, thoughtful and playful son.
I love you so much.
Life is everything with you in it (and Emil too of course).

Twitter, Facebook, Dreamwidth and whatever more...

I think it's sad when people leave LJ and start to write at new places.
I just lose contact with them.
I can't keep up with all now.
I have Facebook, but write nearly ever there.
Twitter...jeez I just say to that.
Small nonsense talk is what it is to me.
You know like,
"Finally weekend".
"Time for lunch. Pizza!"
"I bought new boots today, they are awesome."
"Crazy day at work/school."
It is sooooo boring.
I prefer some more contest to read instead of all that small talk.
That is so much more interesting.
It's like people don't have friends in real life, or what?
And therefore use Twitter to small talk with others.
Or maybe I'm wrong?
What do you all say about LJ is getting slower and people is going to other places?

A photo a day. Day 53.

It's been snowing all day today.
So I couldn't resist to take some more snow pictures.
Before you ask, yes I love macro pictures. :)
I think they turned out a bit to blue some of them.
Do you think I should take a bit of the blue tone in them?
What picture is your favourite of these?

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