Anna-Lena (anniz) wrote,

A celebration.

Today, one year ago,
everything between Michael and I started.
It was on a message board,
where he said hi to me in a thread by Iampunha,
and I said hi back.:)
Then it got to chat, e-mail, phone calls
and finally Michael's trip here to Sweden in November.
And now we're soon going to get married.:)
I did never thought I could meet someone on the net
and also to trust someone that I never met to come into my home
and live there for a week,
but I did
and o'boy am I glad for that.:)

I love you so much Michael
and I wish I could spend this day with you,
but I know we'll get many days together.
We could have gone to the cheesecake-factory
and having a nice meal
and then taking home a chocolate-strawberries cheese-cake,
I'll be there soon though,
16 more days.
Can't wait for that.:)
Jag älskar dej så mycket.

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