Anna-Lena (anniz) wrote,


I feel for writing something,
but haven't really anything to write about.
So what do I do?
I just write whatever will come up in my mind.
The first thing I think of is.......
of course Alex. :)
What a surprise.
My clever son.
He's sleeping now,
and I'll be going to bed after this post too.
I haven't told you folks that he points up to the moon to ask me what it is,
I say the moon (måne in Swedish).
So if I ask him outside were the moon is,
he looks up after it.
He can see the difference from it and the clouds.
This is in the morning when it's light outside we see it.
Maybe he'll get interested in astronomy like his father.
Today I ate some yummy ice-cream,
Italian chocolate,
made by Lejonet och Björnen,
it's the company that makes the Nobel ice-cream.
Alex loves ice-cream too.
he have just got it a few times,
since I'm careful giving him sugar,
everyone knows these days it's not so good to give to much of that to kids.
The only problem is that when the ice-cream is finished he screams,
loud and a lot.
Give me a thought you had today,
or something you've done.
It's so fun to have some e-mails in the inbox when I wake up,
hint, hint. :)

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