Anna-Lena (anniz) wrote,

En bra dag!

Today is going to be a good day,
I just feel it.
I got woken up by Alex a little before 6 AM.
I'm nearly starting to get used to earlier mornings now.
Alex is a lot better from his croup.
He still coughs a bit,
but his breathing is better
and also his mood.
This morning he's his usual happy/babbling boy.
It's been a little hard this week for both of us,
most for Alex though.
Today my parents will take him home to them so I can be lazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.
I shall sleep, read a book in bed and eat chocolate, go up to V-by Centrum and do some shopping.
When I took Pelle out for a walk I found an unused subway ticket for retired people worth about 8 US Dollar,
that one my mother can have some use of.
It was just lying there on the walking street,
so I took it,
but I actually felt a bit bad for taking it.
I wonder how many would feel that?
Anyway, today is a good day.
I think I'll bake some chocolate chips cookies and lemon muffins this afternoon.
It will smell good here this afternoon.
Anyone want to come over and have some?
Well Alex is 1,5 years old today,
so I think that's worth a little celebration.

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