Anna-Lena (anniz) wrote,


I was into the city for a little today,
and I both myself some stuff.
First a glycerin soap that smells strawberry,
so now I'm going to walk around smelling strawberries.
Then I looked into eyeshadow.
I haven't used that since years and years,
but I felt it would be fun to try some.
The shop assistant was very helpful and nice.
She suggested that I should try "pink champagne",
she said that colour should bring out the green in my eyes more.
I have to say I was a bit suspicious about that,
but she was right.
She also tried a green colour,
but it did not look good.
maybe it was wrong kind of green.
The thing with me and make-up is that I can get asthma from it,
so I have usually have to try a lot of brands to find one I can have.
I really liked this pink champagne colour,
but pretty soon I felt a little asthma from it.
Now I just have to test other brands and hopefully I'll find one I can have.
I also learned that my skin is a cold colour
and my eyes is a warm colour.
Whatever use I shall have of that now.
The store was The Body Shop btw.

Somehow I managed to get a stuffed Poodle with me home too. :)

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