Anna-Lena (anniz) wrote,

Some thoughts this evening!

I want to make something yummy to eat tomorrow evening!
I think I'll surf around some recipe sites and see what I can come up with.

I have to move some stuff,
Alex reach higher and higher up.

Tomorrow I think I'm heading to the city after lunch.
One thing I want to buy is some muffins that are made of orange and chocolate.
A friend recommended them.

Why haven't I bought myself a new hairbrush before,
my older one sucks compare to the one I got today.

I so want an McDonald's ice-cream tonight,
a vanilla one with warm chocolate sauce to it.
I could nearly do anything to get one.

It's soon bedtime for Alex.
He doesn't show any signs of being tired yet though.

I need a new deodorant.
Can't find the one I used to bye,
so now I have to look for another kind,
not so easy since I easy get asthma of perfume smells.

I have some pictures I need to work on.
Maybe I do so after Alex falls asleep.

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