Anna-Lena (anniz) wrote,


Had a great day yesterday at my cousins place.
Alex played and played and was thrilled to be there.
They have 2 floors,
so it was a lot of going upstairs and downstairs with Alex,
very fun he thought.
My cousins kids are a bit older than Alex,
Sofia is 16 and Johan is 11,
they love to see Alex and play with him
and he feels the same about them.
Johan had a lot of cars that got very popular.
They have a rabbit that lives outside in a big cage,
his name is Sir Patrick and he's 12 years old.
Alex said hi to him,
and called him "vovve" (doggie),
he calls all animals "vovve".
Alex also said voff, voff, to him.

I had to try a few things that belongs to Johan.
The first one was a unicycle.
I hold in Sofia while being on it,
because I couldn't get the balance to bike on it.
Very fun to try though.
Then I had to bring back old memories and try his skate-board.
O'boy was I out of shape for that...
but I did manage to do a little things with it.
Just need to practice more,
but that will not happen now,
maybe when Alex is in that age and wants to skate.
I can see myself at age 45 being out with Alex skating, lol.
The coolest mom in the neighborhood.

Alex got a few toys with him home,
a couple of cars for the sand-box and 2 sticks,
just need to find a good ball to them.

Johan's room was full of pictures of Good Charlotte
and The Simpsons.
He played a bit of Good Charlottes music for me,
and it sounded not bad at all.
I told him I will download them and listen to them more.
Earlier this year he was to his first concert and saw them.
He liked it.
It shall be fun when Alex get older
and will play his favorite music home,
or maybe not... I might hate it.

For dinner we got delicious Thai food.
Alex just ate a little of it because it was bread on the table,
so he did just want that.

All to all, a very good day.

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